Michael (I) Lange


2005 Related (Related)
2005 Still Life (Still Life)
2003 Miss Match (Miss Match)
2003 Black Sash (Black Sash)
2001 Maybe It's Me (Maybe It's Me)
2001 Pasadena (Pasadena)
2000 Strong Medicine (Strong Medicine)
2000 Intern, The (Intern, The)
2000 Titans (Titans)
2000 Tucker (Tucker)
1999 Snoops (Snoops)
1998 Martial Law (Martial Law)
1998 Dawson's Creek (Dawson's Creek)
1997 Players (Players)
1996 Burning Zone, The (Burning Zone, The)
1996 Tracey Takes On... (Tracey Takes On...)
1996 Dangerous Minds (Dangerous Minds)
1996 Early Edition (Early Edition)
1995 American Gothic (American Gothic)
1995 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
1995 Charlie Grace (Charlie Grace)