Spike Lee


2013 Oldboy (Oldboy)
2008 Miracle at ST. Anna (Miracle at ST. Anna)
2006 El plan perfecto (Inside Man)
2004 She Hate Me (She Hate Me)
2002 25th Hour (25th Hour)
2001 Come Rain or Come Shine (Come Rain or Come Shine)
2000 Bamboozled (Bamboozled)
2000 Original Kings of Comedy, The (Original Kings of Comedy, The)
1999 Summer of Sam (Summer of Sam)
1998 He Got Game (He Got Game)
1997 4 Little Girls (4 Little Girls)
1996 Get on the Bus (Get on the Bus)
1996 Girl 6 (Girl 6)
1995 Lumière et compagnie (Lumière et compagnie)
1995 Clockers (Clockers)