Mason Daring


2004 Silver City (Silver City)
2003 Casa de los babys (Casa de los babys)
2002 Sunshine State (Sunshine State)
2001 Say It Isn't So (Say It Isn't So)
2000 Where the Heart Is (Where the Heart Is)
2000 George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire)
1999 Music of the Heart (Music of the Heart)
1999 Limbo (Limbo)
1999 Walk on the Moon, A (Walk on the Moon, A)
1998 Opposite of Sex, The (Opposite of Sex, The)
1997 Cold Around the Heart (Cold Around the Heart)
1997 Prefontaine (Prefontaine)
1997 Men with Guns (Men with Guns)
1996 Lone Star (Lone Star)
1995 She Lives to Ride (She Lives to Ride)

Futuros Proyectos