Richard (I) Hartley


2004 Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The (Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The)
2002 Puckoon (Puckoon)
2000 Mad About Mambo (Mad About Mambo)
2000 When Brendan Met Trudy (When Brendan Met Trudy)
1999 Rogue Trader (Rogue Trader)
1999 Curtain Call (Curtain Call)
1998 All the Little Animals (All the Little Animals)
1997 Playing God (Playing God)
1997 Designated Mourner, The (Designated Mourner, The)
1997 Thousand Acres, A (Thousand Acres, A)
1996 Stealing Beauty (Stealing Beauty)
1996 Van, The (Van, The)
1995 Victory (Victory)
1995 Awfully Big Adventure, An (Awfully Big Adventure, An)

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