W.G. Snuffy Walden


2004 Huff (Huff)
2003 Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire, The (Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire, The)
2003 Mister Sterling (Mister Sterling)
2002 Hidden Hills (Hidden Hills)
2002 Boomtown (Boomtown)
2002 George Lopez (George Lopez)
2000 $treet, The ($treet, The)
1999 Once and Again (Once and Again)
1999 Roswell (Roswell)
1999 Norm Show, The (Norm Show, The)
1999 It's Like, You Know... (It's Like, You Know...)
1999 Providence (Providence)
1998 Felicity (Felicity)
1998 Cupid (Cupid)
1996 Early Edition (Early Edition)
1995 Homage (Homage)
1995 Monroes, The (Monroes, The)

Futuros Proyectos