Christopher (I) Young


2009 Arrastrame al infierno (Drag Me To Hell )
2007 El Hombre Araña 3 (Spiderman 3)
2007 Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider)
2004 El Grito (Grudge, The)
2003 Shade (Shade)
2003 Runaway Jury (Runaway Jury)
2003 Shortcut to Happiness (Shortcut to Happiness)
2003 Core, The (Core, The)
2002 Country Bears, The (Country Bears, The)
2001 Bandits (Bandits)
2001 Madison (Madison)
2001 Swordfish (Swordfish)
2001 Sweet November (Sweet November)
2001 Glass House, The (Glass House, The)
2001 Shipping News, The (Shipping News, The)
2001 Scenes of the Crime (Scenes of the Crime)
2000 Gift, The (Gift, The)
2000 Bless the Child (Bless the Child)
2000 Wonder Boys (Wonder Boys)
1999 Hurricane, The (Hurricane, The)
1999 In Too Deep (In Too Deep)
1999 Big Kahuna, The (Big Kahuna, The)
1999 Entrapment (Entrapment)
1998 Hard Rain (Hard Rain)
1998 Urban Legend (Urban Legend)
1998 Rounders (Rounders)
1998 Hush (Hush)
1997 Murder at 1600 (Murder at 1600)
1997 Man Who Knew Too Little, The (Man Who Knew Too Little, The)
1996 Set It Off (Set It Off)
1996 Unforgettable (Unforgettable)
1996 Head Above Water (Head Above Water)
1995 Copycat (Copycat)
1995 Murder in the First (Murder in the First)
1995 Species (Species)
1995 Virtuosity (Virtuosity)
1995 Tales from the Hood (Tales from the Hood)

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