Gary Lucchesi


2009 Crank 2: Alto Voltaje (Crank: High Voltage)
2008 El Milagro de Henry Poole (Henry Poole is here)
2006 El último beso (Last Kiss, The)
2006 Pacto Infernal (Covenant, The)
2006 Crank (Crank)
2006 Dead Girl, The (Dead Girl, The)
2006 Underworld: Evolution (Underworld: Evolution)
2006 She's the Man (She's the Man)
2005 El Exorcismo de Emily Rose (Exorcism of Emily Rose, The)
2005 Æon Flux (Æon Flux)
2005 Undiscovered (Undiscovered)
2005 Cave, The (Cave, The)
2004 Million Dollar Baby (Million Dollar Baby)
2004 El Departamento (Wicker Park)
2004 Madhouse (Madhouse)
2004 Suspect Zero (Suspect Zero)
2003 Inframundo (Underworld)
2003 La Piel del Deseo (Human Stain, The)
2002 Mothman Prophecies, The (Mothman Prophecies, The)
2000 Gift, The (Gift, The)
2000 Passion of Mind (Passion of Mind)
2000 Next Best Thing, The (Next Best Thing, The)
2000 Autumn in New York (Autumn in New York)
1999 Just the Ticket (Just the Ticket)
1999 Runaway Bride (Runaway Bride)
1997 Breast Men (Breast Men)
1996 Primal Fear (Primal Fear)
1995 Virtuosity (Virtuosity)

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