Robert E. Baruc


2002 Wisher, The (Wisher, The)
2001 Hollywood Palms (Hollywood Palms)
2001 Tangled (Tangled)
2000 Love Come Down (Love Come Down)
2000 Stranger Than Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction)
2000 Other Voices (Other Voices)
2000 Can't Be Heaven (Can't Be Heaven)
1999 Blue Ridge Fall (Blue Ridge Fall)
1999 My Brother the Pig (My Brother the Pig)
1999 P.U.N.K.S. (P.U.N.K.S.)
1998 Bold Affair, A (Bold Affair, A)
1998 Freedom Strike (Freedom Strike)
1998 Teach Me (Teach Me)
1998 Rough Draft (Rough Draft)
1998 Devil in the Flesh (Devil in the Flesh)
1998 Breeders (Breeders)
1998 Protector, The (Protector, The)
1997 Killing Grounds, The (Killing Grounds, The)
1997 Proposition, The (Proposition, The)
1997 Legend of the Mummy (Legend of the Mummy)
1996 Little Witches (Little Witches)
1995 Demolitionist, The (Demolitionist, The)
1995 Witchcraft 7: Judgement Hour (Witchcraft 7: Judgement Hour)
1995 Pictures of Baby Jane Doe (Pictures of Baby Jane Doe)
1995 Grim (Grim)
1995 Voodoo (Voodoo)

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