Terence (I) Michael


2005 Love for Rent (Love for Rent)
2004 Mind the Gap (Mind the Gap)
2003 Duets (Duets)
2003 Family Business (Family Business)
2002 Girl Fever (Girl Fever)
2001 Going Greek (Going Greek)
2001 Never Again (Never Again)
2001 According to Spencer (According to Spencer)
2000 100 Girls (100 Girls)
2000 Wirey Spindell (Wirey Spindell)
1999 Chill Factor (Chill Factor)
1998 There's No Fish Food in Heaven (There's No Fish Food in Heaven)
1997 Fall (Fall)
1996 If Lucy Fell (If Lucy Fell)
1995 I Shot a Man in Vegas (I Shot a Man in Vegas)

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