Rod (I) Stoneman


2004 Fairytaler, The (Fairytaler, The)
2003 Intermission (Intermission)
2003 Actors, The (Actors, The)
2002 Magdalene Sisters, The (Magdalene Sisters, The)
2002 Puckoon (Puckoon)
2002 Bloody Sunday (Bloody Sunday)
2001 If I Should Fall from Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story (If I Should Fall from Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story)
2000 About Adam (About Adam)
2000 When the Sky Falls (When the Sky Falls)
2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal (Ordinary Decent Criminal)
2000 When Brendan Met Trudy (When Brendan Met Trudy)
1999 Agnes Browne (Agnes Browne)
1999 Love Divided, A (Love Divided, A)
1999 Southpaw: The Francis Barrett Story (Southpaw: The Francis Barrett Story)
1999 Last September, The (Last September, The)
1998 Dancing at Lughnasa (Dancing at Lughnasa)
1997 I Went Down (I Went Down)
1997 Further Gesture, A (Further Gesture, A)
1996 Some Mother's Son (Some Mother's Son)
1996 Trojan Eddie (Trojan Eddie)
1996 Disappearance of Finbar, The (Disappearance of Finbar, The)
1995 Circle of Friends (Circle of Friends)

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