David M. Thompson


2007 Amores en la Nieve (Snow Cake)
2006 Fast Food Nation (Fast Food Nation)
2006 Death Defying Acts (Death Defying Acts)
2006 Confetti (Confetti)
2006 History Boys, The (History Boys, The)
2005 Imagine Me & You (Imagine Me & You)
2005 Mrs Henderson Presents (Mrs Henderson Presents)
2005 Cock and Bull Story, A (Cock and Bull Story, A)
2005 Shooting Dogs (Shooting Dogs)
2004 My Summer of Love (My Summer of Love)
2004 Trauma (Trauma)
2004 Bullet Boy (Bullet Boy)
2004 Millions (Millions)
2004 Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The (Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The)
2003 Code 46 (Code 46)
2003 I Capture the Castle (I Capture the Castle)
2003 Sylvia (Sylvia)
2003 Masked and Anonymous (Masked and Anonymous)
2003 Mother, The (Mother, The)
2003 Statement, The (Statement, The)
2002 Dirty Pretty Things (Dirty Pretty Things)
2002 Heart of Me, The (Heart of Me, The)
2002 Morvern Callar (Morvern Callar)
2002 Doctor Sleep (Doctor Sleep)
2002 In This World (In This World)
2001 Iris (Iris)
2000 Liam (Liam)
2000 Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby)
2000 Love, Honour and Obey (Love, Honour and Obey)
2000 Born Romantic (Born Romantic)
2000 Last Resort (Last Resort)
2000 About Adam (About Adam)
2000 Pandaemonium (Pandaemonium)
2000 Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot)
2000 When Brendan Met Trudy (When Brendan Met Trudy)
2000 Claim, The (Claim, The)
1999 Mansfield Park (Mansfield Park)
1999 Bravo Two Zero (Bravo Two Zero)
1999 Room for Romeo Brass, A (Room for Romeo Brass, A)
1999 Wonderland (Wonderland)
1998 Theory of Flight, The (Theory of Flight, The)
1998 St. Ives (St. Ives)
1998 Among Giants (Among Giants)
1998 Titanic Town (Titanic Town)
1997 Face (Face)
1997 Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis (Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis)
1997 James Gang, The (James Gang, The)
1997 Mill on the Floss, The (Mill on the Floss, The)
1997 24 7: Twenty Four Seven (24 7: Twenty Four Seven)
1995 Go Now (Go Now)

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