John (I) Thompson


2006 Black Dahlia, The (Black Dahlia, The)
2006 16 Blocks (16 Blocks)
2006 Wicked Little Things (Wicked Little Things)
2006 Lonely Hearts (Lonely Hearts)
2006 Home of the Brave (Home of the Brave)
2006 Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (Undisputed II: Last Man Standing)
2005 Edison (Edison)
2005 Mansquito (Mansquito)
2005 Loverboy (Loverboy)
2004 Control (Control)
2004 Shadow of Fear (Shadow of Fear)
2003 Blind Horizon (Blind Horizon)
2003 In Hell (In Hell)
2002 Undisputed (Undisputed)
2002 Run for the Money (Run for the Money)
2002 Try Seventeen (Try Seventeen)
2001 Prozac Nation (Prozac Nation)
2001 Nobody's Baby (Nobody's Baby)
2001 Replicant (Replicant)
2001 Order, The (Order, The)
2000 How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog)
2000 Forever Lulu (Forever Lulu)
2000 For the Cause (For the Cause)
2000 Takedown (Takedown)
1999 Big Brass Ring, The (Big Brass Ring, The)
1999 4th Floor, The (4th Floor, The)
1999 Guinevere (Guinevere)
1998 Looking for Lola (Looking for Lola)
1998 October 22 (October 22)
1998 Some Girl (Some Girl)
1998 Outside Ozona (Outside Ozona)
1998 Shadrach (Shadrach)
1998 No Code of Conduct (No Code of Conduct)

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