Michael Tollin


2006 Crumbs (Crumbs)
2005 Coach Carter (Coach Carter)
2005 Inconceivable (Inconceivable)
2005 Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story)
2004 Days, The (Days, The)
2004 Perfect Score, The (Perfect Score, The)
2003 Black Sash (Black Sash)
2003 Radio (Radio)
2003 I'm with Her (I'm with Her)
2002 What I Like About You (What I Like About You)
2002 Big Fat Liar (Big Fat Liar)
2002 Birds of Prey (Birds of Prey)
2002 Slamball (Slamball)
2001 Hard Ball (Hard Ball)
2001 Smallville (Smallville)
2001 Summer Catch (Summer Catch)
2000 Ready to Rumble (Ready to Rumble)
1999 Amanda Show, The (Amanda Show, The)
1999 Varsity Blues (Varsity Blues)
1998 Cousin Skeeter (Cousin Skeeter)
1997 Good Burger (Good Burger)
1996 Kenan & Kel (Kenan & Kel)

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