Joana Vicente


2006 Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (Herbie Hancock: Possibilities)
2006 Architect, The (Architect, The)
2006 Fay Grim (Fay Grim)
2006 Diggers (Diggers)
2006 S&Man (S&Man)
2005 War Within, The (War Within, The)
2005 One Last Thing... (One Last Thing...)
2005 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room)
2004 Best Thief in the World, The (Best Thief in the World, The)
2004 Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (Assassination of Richard Nixon, The)
2003 Coffee and Cigarettes (Coffee and Cigarettes)
2002 Never Get Outta the Boat (Never Get Outta the Boat)
2002 Guys, The (Guys, The)
2001 Lovely & Amazing (Lovely & Amazing)
2001 Love the Hard Way (Love the Hard Way)
2001 Get Well Soon (Get Well Soon)
2000 Down to You (Down to You)
2000 Chuck&Buck (Chuck&Buck)
1999 Three Seasons (Three Seasons)
1998 Taxman, The (Taxman, The)
1998 O.K. Garage (O.K. Garage)
1997 Too Much Sleep (Too Much Sleep)
1997 Strawberry Fields (Strawberry Fields)
1995 Welcome to the Dollhouse (Welcome to the Dollhouse)

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