Paul (I) Webster


2005 Pride & Prejudice (Pride & Prejudice)
2004 Diarios de motocicleta (Diarios de motocicleta)
2003 It's All About Love (It's All About Love)
2003 Actors, The (Actors, The)
2003 Touching the Void (Touching the Void)
2002 Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (Once Upon a Time in the Midlands)
2002 Miranda (Miranda)
2001 Crush (Crush)
2001 Jump Tomorrow (Jump Tomorrow)
2001 Birthday Girl (Birthday Girl)
2001 Lucky Break (Lucky Break)
2001 Charlotte Gray (Charlotte Gray)
2001 Buffalo Soldiers (Buffalo Soldiers)
2001 Invincible (Invincible)
2001 Emperor's New Clothes, The (Emperor's New Clothes, The)
2001 Warrior, The (Warrior, The)
2000 Sexy Beast (Sexy Beast)
2000 Filth and the Fury, The (Filth and the Fury, The)
2000 Yards, The (Yards, The)
1999 East Is East (East Is East)
1999 War Zone, The (War Zone, The)
1999 My Life So Far (My Life So Far)
1998 Little Voice (Little Voice)
1997 Gridlock'd (Gridlock'd)
1996 Pallbearer, The (Pallbearer, The)

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