David T. Friendly


2008 Tripulacion Dave (Meet Dave )
2006 Pequeña Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Sunshine)
2006 Big Momma's House 2 (Big Momma's House 2)
2005 Honeymooners, The (Honeymooners, The)
2004 Laws of Attraction (Laws of Attraction)
2000 Big Momma's House (Big Momma's House)
2000 Here on Earth (Here on Earth)
1998 Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle)
1998 Digging to China (Digging to China)
1997 Out to Sea (Out to Sea)
1996 Daylight (Daylight)
1996 Courage Under Fire (Courage Under Fire)
1996 Chamber, The (Chamber, The)

Futuros Proyectos