George Furla


2006 16 Blocks (16 Blocks)
2006 Wicker Man, The (Wicker Man, The)
2006 Lonely Hearts (Lonely Hearts)
2006 Contract, The (Contract, The)
2006 Home of the Brave (Home of the Brave)
2005 Edison (Edison)
2005 Amityville Horror, The (Amityville Horror, The)
2005 Before It Had a Name (Before It Had a Name)
2005 Loverboy (Loverboy)
2004 Love Song for Bobby Long, A (Love Song for Bobby Long, A)
2004 Control (Control)
2004 Unstoppable (Unstoppable)
2003 Wonderland (Wonderland)
2003 Blind Horizon (Blind Horizon)
2003 Shortcut to Happiness (Shortcut to Happiness)
2002 Badge, The (Badge, The)
2002 Run for the Money (Run for the Money)
2002 Try Seventeen (Try Seventeen)
2002 Shottas (Shottas)
2002 Narc (Narc)
2002 Half Past Dead (Half Past Dead)
2001 Good Advice (Good Advice)
2001 Ticker (Ticker)
2000 Held for Ransom (Held for Ransom)
2000 After Sex (After Sex)
2000 Escape to Grizzly Mountain (Escape to Grizzly Mountain)
1999 Speedway Junky (Speedway Junky)
1997 Grizzly Mountain (Grizzly Mountain)

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