Ted Hope


2009 Adventureland (Adventureland)
2006 Amigos con Dinero (Friends with Money)
2006 Hawk Is Dying, The (Hawk Is Dying, The)
2006 Fay Grim (Fay Grim)
2005 Devil and Daniel Johnston, The (Devil and Daniel Johnston, The)
2005 Thumbsucker (Thumbsucker)
2004 Dirty Shame, A (Dirty Shame, A)
2004 Door in the Floor, The (Door in the Floor, The)
2003 American Splendor (American Splendor)
2003 21 Grams (21 Grams)
2002 Laramie Project, The (Laramie Project, The)
2001 Lovely & Amazing (Lovely & Amazing)
2001 Storytelling (Storytelling)
2001 Human Nature (Human Nature)
2001 In the Bedroom (In the Bedroom)
2000 Tao of Steve, The (Tao of Steve, The)
1999 Lifestyle, The (Lifestyle, The)
1999 Ride with the Devil (Ride with the Devil)
1998 Luminous Motion (Luminous Motion)
1998 No Looking Back (No Looking Back)
1998 Happiness (Happiness)
1997 Ice Storm, The (Ice Storm, The)
1997 Myth of Fingerprints, The (Myth of Fingerprints, The)
1997 Love God (Love God)
1997 Office Killer (Office Killer)
1997 Wonderland (Wonderland)
1996 Walking and Talking (Walking and Talking)
1996 She's the One (She's the One)
1995 Brothers McMullen, The (Brothers McMullen, The)
1995 Flirt (Flirt)
1995 Safe (Safe)

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