Caroline Kaplan


2006 Night Listener, The (Night Listener, The)
2005 Ballad of Jack and Rose, The (Ballad of Jack and Rose, The)
2005 Lonesome Jim (Lonesome Jim)
2005 Sorry, Haters (Sorry, Haters)
2005 American Gun (American Gun)
2005 Baxter, The (Baxter, The)
2005 Me and You and Everyone We Know (Me and You and Everyone We Know)
2005 Pizza (Pizza)
2004 Murder by Numbers (Murder by Numbers)
2004 Land of Plenty (Land of Plenty)
2004 November (November)
2003 Paper Chasers (Paper Chasers)
2003 Pieces of April (Pieces of April)
2003 Decade Under the Influence, A (Decade Under the Influence, A)
2003 Casa de los babys (Casa de los babys)
2003 Camp (Camp)
2002 Happy Here and Now (Happy Here and Now)
2002 Ash Wednesday (Ash Wednesday)
2002 Tadpole (Tadpole)
2002 Personal Velocity: Three Portraits (Personal Velocity: Three Portraits)
2002 Coastlines (Coastlines)
2001 Tape (Tape)
2001 Chelsea Walls (Chelsea Walls)
2001 Monsoon Wedding (Monsoon Wedding)
2001 Waking Life (Waking Life)
2001 World Traveler (World Traveler)
2001 Final (Final)
2001 Ten Tiny Love Stories (Ten Tiny Love Stories)
2001 With the Filmmaker: Portraits by Albert Maysles (With the Filmmaker: Portraits by Albert Maysles)
2001 Women in Film (Women in Film)
2000 American Nightmare, The (American Nightmare, The)
2000 Girlfight (Girlfight)
2000 Our Song (Our Song)
2000 Happy Accidents (Happy Accidents)
2000 Songcatcher (Songcatcher)
1999 Boys Don't Cry (Boys Don't Cry)
1999 Spring Forward (Spring Forward)
1999 Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.)
1998 Divine Trash (Divine Trash)
1998 Lick the Star (Lick the Star)
1997 Anita Liberty (Anita Liberty)
1996 Gray's Anatomy (Gray's Anatomy)

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